Visiting Korea Otis

Time:2007-07-23 Views:
The team from Hebei Dongfang Fuda Machinery Co. Ltd  including President Mr. Wang Guangming, Chief Engineer  Mr. Jia Yanhua, Factory direct Mr. Liu Qin and Manager of Imp & Exp Dpt. Mr. Ma Xiaofeng visited Korea Otis on July 13 2007. Mr. Dongkyu Lee, Mr Soong-Seong Kweon, Mr. ,Sik  Kim, Mr. Han-gyu Kim and Mr. Byung Jin Jang gave a welcome to us .

Mr. Wang Guangming expressed his heartfelt thanks to Korea Otis for their supports and assistance, and he is greatly appreciated that korea Otis have decided to purchase parts in large quantity from Dongfang Fuda from August 2007. the purpose of the visit of this time is to hear the comments on Dongfang’s products face to face. as Mr. Wang mentioned